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how to draw poptropica people

Artist: ipod123410 / July 12, 2012
how to draw poptropica people

Step 1.

Start with a circle or oval

Step 2.

Then start drawing a small circle for. One of tha eyes balls

Step 3.

Then draw another smaller circle for the other eye ball

Step 4.

Then draw tha hair

Step 5.

Then draw tha mouth

Step 6.

Then draw a line for tha eye lids

Step 7.

Then draw. Dots. For tha eyes

Step 8.

Then draw an oval for tha body

Step 9.

Then draw the hands

Step 10.

Don't forget tha circles at tha end of tha hand then draw tha legs

Step 11.

Then draw tha small poptropican feet

Step 12.

Then draw tha belt details

Step 13.

Then draw details for tha shirt u can add any desing then ur done come back next time to learn how to draw an girl poptropican

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Artist: ipod123410
Date Added: July 12, 2012
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Description: First time I haven't did an hand draw tut