How to Draw Panda from Skunk Fu

Artist: Dawn / November 8, 2008

Step 1.

Panda is a very easy character to draw. All you have to do for this first step is draw out two large circles. The one for his head is round with facial guidelines, and the one for his body is shaped like an egg.

Step 2.

In this step you will first draw out teh lining of his black eye markings as shown here and then a slightly frown like line for his mouth. Two tear drop like shapes for his Chinese mustache and then the outline of his big body. Lastly draw out his ha   

Step 3.

This is your last drawing step and what you will do is make the shapes for his round ears and then detail his forehead with crease or wrinkle lines. Once that is done draw out the eyes and pupils and make sure he looks serious. Lastly draw out the li   

Step 4.

Shade in Panda and you are virtually done. You have just learned how to draw Panda from Skunk Fu step by step. I hope you liked this tutorial I will be back with more so keep your eyes open.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: November 8, 2008
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Description: So far today I submitted the tutorial on Mittens the cat from the upcoming Disney movie "Bolt". With this next tutorial I decided to do another character from the animated series Skunk Fu. So far I submitted Rabbit and Skunk from the funny series on Cartoon Network, but I thought that I should at least do a tutorial on their master and trainer Panda. So that is what I will be showing you today, "how to draw Panda from Skunk Fu", step by step. Panda is somewhat of a mystery because no one really knows too much about him. So far all I know is that he is an old wise Kung Fu master that trains Skunk in martial arts. He used to be the best friend of Dragon before he became evil. Now, Dragon became evil because he was punished by Heaven because he used his water power when he wasn’t supposed to when there was a drought in the valley. Panda is a large regular Chinese panda that seems like he may be overweight. If I was to compare him to other cool characters from movies, I would have to say that he looks like and reminds me of Mr. Miyagi from “The Karate Kid” and Yoda from “Star Wars”, pretty freaky right? Anyways this lesson will show you how to draw Panda from Skunk Fu step by step. Like always the instructions are simple to read and the steps are easy to follow. I will be back in a bit with some more exciting drawing tutorials for you all to learn from. Until then I bid thee farewell.