How to Draw Naruto Vs Sasuke

Artist: Betsy / November 18, 2010

Step 1.

Ok for the first step, start of with a basic stick structure for sasuke. we will work on naruto on step 2. this doesnt have to be perfect, as this is just a rough sketch. once you have finished with this, move onto step 2.

Step 2.

Now start with a basic stick figure for Naruto as well. do as you did before with sasuke. now for step 3.

Step 3.

Next start drawing Naruto and Sasuke's face. now take your time with this step. and dont forget tiny details like naruto's scratch like lines on his cheek. also draw his head band.

Step 4.

Now you start drawing their clothes. start of with Naruto's sleeve first. then work on Sasuke's top half. make sure you add all the creases too.

Step 5.

Ok now work on Naruto's jacket. you now draw Naruto's hands. his hand is balled up into a fist. also add Sasuke's hands too. Work on Sasuke's and Naruto's creases in the clothes. now move onto step 6.

Step 6.

Next you work on their lower half. this is quite a lengthy step, so take your time. Sasuke's lower clothing is quite complicted. so first draw the rope around his waist, then his "pants" and boots. Now work Naruto's lower half as well, draw his Pants   

Step 7.

Ok your nearly done, now your just adding the details to your drawing. Like toes, extra creases, face details and clothing details too.

Step 8.

Finally just rub out all the guidelines and outline it in a dark pencil or pen, and your finished!

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Artist: Betsy
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Description: HI everyone, im back with another tutorial request, this was requested by linkinpark_17. im sorry it took so long to fill out this request. ok this was a picture i had to draw, and this is how it turned out. so i hope you all like it, rate and comment, next tutorial request is to draw haku from spirited away, cya soon :D