How to Draw an Anime Girl

Artist: Betsy / August 13, 2010

Step 1.

OKay the first step is to draw a basic stick figure, start with the head first. draw a circle, with two lines across it, this is where her eyes will go. roughly sketch out her body postion, it doesnt have to be perfect at this stage.

Step 2.

next, you need to start sketching out her body. start with the neck and work your way down. also sketch out her hands and boots. draw her eyes inbetween the two lines you drew earlier. now you can move onto the next step.

Step 3.

OKay, now draw out her clothes. do this anyway you want, but i drew mine like this. take your time with the clothes. i also drew arm and wrist bands. now start lightly sketching her hair. like before, draw this anyway you want too.

Step 4.

OKay, now just start adding detail to your character. i drew mine like this. now finaly...

Step 5.

.. rub out all the guidelines and outline it. there you have it, your own anime character!

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Artist: Betsy
Date Added: August 13, 2010
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Description: Hello everyone! im back with some more tuts. this one is a request from Chloe1313. i have not been doing tuts for a while, cause i have been quite busy. but im gonna be working on all 17 tut requests so keep an eye out. i accept tut requests so if u want one just leave a comment on here or my profile. this is from my artwork called sinun, my own character. i drew this a while back, and to be honest im not very fond of it. My next tut will also be an another tut request so keep your eyes peeled. well thats all folks, bye for now :)!