How To Draw My Favorite Symbol


okay let's get started with drawing this symbol! this is the easiest step. we are going to draw a heart! draw a v at the bottom, then 2 semicircles that intersect at the radius of the circle come connected to the outside edge of the cone


now we draw the wings! i think this is the hardest part to explain... XD the lines by the top of the heart goes up then curves down and these are the beginning of the feathers. and now the feathers go down just to curve up very slightly.


now we are going to draw the little halo. they are two elliptical ovals over the top of the heart.


now we are going to shade in this dark heart. just shade the heart in lightly with the pencil of your choice.


now you are going to finish up the feathers. do exactly what you did in step two. :D


now you shade the feathers but shade them slightly darker than the heart.

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September 12, 2012

Description: hey there guys! mitsumi here again. today i am going to show you how to draw my favorite symbol. everyday in my classes at school i sign my name with this little symbol next to it. i dont know how i came up with it but i started drawing it all the time.

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