How To Draw Anime Eyes


okay we're gonna draw some eyes! first you draw the eyeball which is a circle about the size of a bottle cap. then you have to draw the eyelids and they are the rounded lines above and below the eyeball. the one above starts behind the eye and curves   


now you are going to add the reflection marks, pupil, the wrinkle above the eye, and the eye lashes. the reflection marks are small, medium, and large circles. the pupil is an oval pointing north to south. the wrinkle is a very small curved line. eye   


this is the final step for the rounded eyes. all you are going to do is shade. shade the pupil in very dark and shade the rest however you want :D


now you are going to do the pointed eyes. draw the curvy brow and draw the eyelids about an inch below. the eyelids are going to be 3 lines. one going across an inch and connect the line that is pointing inwards and it is going to be half the size of   


now you are going to do the eyeball, eyelashes, pupil, and reflection marks. the eye ball is a circle but the top and bottom cut off slightly. the pupil, reflection marks, and eyelashes are like the ones before in step 2.


the final step of this tutorial has come. all you are going to do is shade and draw the eye wrinkle. the eye wrinkle is a line going a centimeter across and a slightly curved line connected going outwards.

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September 7, 2012

Description: hello there! mitsumi here with my first tutorial. I'm sorry if it doesn't help but I will do better tutorials when I learn how to explain things better.

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