How To Draw Milotic


Draw out the figure as shown. This is the basic outline of the body.


Draw in the rounded tip at the top of the head and using the two lines, draw out the two long tufts that come out on either side of the head.


Finish the rest of the body/tail. At the end, draw four lines in a fan-like shape. Add the two curls on the head and move on to the next step.


Flesh out the tail ends. Each one is a rounded oval around the lines you drew earlier. Note how each fan-shape overlaps the one to its right. Draw a half-moon shape on top of the right curl on the head. Then draw in the eye underneath the same curl.


Draw a small triangle for design on the left side of the head and then draw out the designs on the tail/body and end of the tail. On the body/tail are solid lines that form squares and rectangles. On the ends of the tail, there are small ovals inside   


Draw in the small lines on the bottom of each curl and draw in the eye. Then draw two tiny circles for the detail on its neck on the right side.


Darken in the eyes, the small circles and the bold lines on the body. Erase any guidelines that are left and connect all the parts perfectly. This is what your final picture should look like. You're done! I hope you enjoyed this and don't forget to c   

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August 21, 2009

Description: Milotic is the most beautiful Pokemon in existence- well, according to Nintendo at least. Evolving from the wimpy-looking fish Feebas, Milotic is a powerful and mystical water-type Pokemon. Its ability is 'marvel scale'. Its National Dex number is #350, its Sinnoh Dex number is #139 and its Hoenn Pokedex number is #141. Enjoy this tutorial on my favorite Pokemon of all time! :D

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