How to Draw Meatwad

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Start this first step by drawing a big circle for the shape of his meatball body. Next add the cloud like lining for his childish smile and then the facial guidelines for his eyes and such. See, simple right?


Now in this step all you will be doing is drawing out the real outlining shape of his meatball body. You will do this by drawing a series of different shaped bumps as seen until you form a puffed looking mass. Add the spots on his body and then his e   


Well you have made it to your last drawing step so that means you are already done. Finish off the shape of Meatwad's body and then give him his innocent looking eyes. You will add more spots that are scattered around and then start erasing all the g   


Well you have done it! You just completed this drawing lesson on how to draw Meatwad from Aqua Teen Hunger Force step by step. All you have to do now is give him some meaty color. I will be back so like always keep drawing to stay creative.

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October 19, 2008

Description: Well so far you have learned how to draw Catwoman and Frylock. For my Next tutorial lesson I will show you "how to draw Meatwad" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force, step by step. As you know Meatwad is the meatball character from the Aqua Teen series that airs on Adult Swim (which is part of Cartoon Network). Out of the three main characters he is displayed as being quiet and he has a childish like personality. Now since Meatwad is a mass of rolled meat, when he gets around he has to roll and hoop the streets of New Jersey and he often picks up the trash along the way. So sometimes he may have debris and sometimes he has gum and other nasty stuff stuck on his meatball body. Now like his father figure pal Frylock, he too displays some power capabilities like shape shifting into things like hot dogs, igloos, Samurai Lincoln, potted flowers, a giant hand that sometimes displays the middle finger, a meat bridge, and other fun and odd things. He often regenerates pretty quickly even from high levels of damage from heat, cold, voltage, and pressure. Anyone who watches the series knows that Meatwad is the main character that is inflicted by Master Shake's practical jokes and verbal abuse. Meatwad often keeps a bright outlook on life except when he gets scared or sad at which point he will start crying like a small child or little girl. I like his character, I also think that he is one of the funniest because he plays that “nice guy” role. In this tutorial you will learn how easy it is to "draw Meatwad" from Aqua Teen Hunger Force step by step. This is a very basic and simple lesson where all you are doing is drawing a circle with eyes. I hope you enjoy this one, I will be back with more in a bit so stay tuned.

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