How to Draw Mario and Yoshi


Okay, start by making some basic shapes that will be used for Yoshi's body only. This includes two circles, one for the head, and another for the body. Draw out the lining for the neck, and one leg.


Now you are ready to draw out the shapes for Mario which is the head, and body. Add the facial guidelines, and move to step three.


You will now begin drawing out Yoshi's muzzle and or nose which is big and round. When that is done you should draw out the two bumps which will house his eyes. Next, draw out the back of his cheek.


Okay, now that you have Yoshi's head drawn out, you can draw in the rest of the shapes for his eyes, and eyeballs. You will then add the marking line on his cheek, and draw out the bottom portion of the chin, and neck. Lastly, draw the spikes on the    


Now it's time to draw out Yoshi's body which sort of looks like a stubby banana. Once that is done, draw out the arms, and fingers too which should be relatively easy to do.


Now it's time to draw out Yoshi's legs, and booted feet. As you can see drawing Yoshi wasn't all that bad, it was kind of simple if you think about it.


For the most part Yoshi is done. All you will do to him now is add the small detailing like the pupils, belly marking line, and then the soles of his boots. Now since you will start drawing in his biddy Mario, you will need to draw out the padding fo   


Now you can begin drawing Mario by sketching out the outline of his entire face including the round nose. Don't forget to incorporate the shape of his ear in the same lining.


Now draw out Mario's eyes, draw and color out the thick eyebrows, and then draw Mario's signature mustache. Also, draw in the mouth, and inner ear detailing.


Color in the pupils, draw out the hair which is sticking out from the under the hat, and draw in his sideburns too. Next, add some detailing to the mouth and chin. Once that is done, you can draw out his hat, and then move to step eleven.


Now it's time to draw out Mario's body so his head doesn't look like it's floating in thin air. Start with drawing out the back lining, and then draw the arms and one gloved hand. Keep going because you are almost done.


You will continue to draw out body which consists of the belly, and his leg. You will also draw out the straps for his jump suit. Now that his body is all drawn in, you can go ahead and draw the one boot that is visible.


Well guys, it looks like you have made it to the last drawing step which also means you have conquered your drawing feat. All you have to do now is add the knuckle lining in Mario's gloved hand, draw his M emblem on the front of his hat, and then dra   


Here is what your two characters from Mario looks like. All you need to do now is color Mario and Yoshi in. I do hope you enjoyed this tutorial on how to draw Mario and Yoshi.

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January 19, 2011

Description: Well guys, I went ahead and did it again. I will be showing you all "how to draw Mario and Yoshi", step by step. There is so many character combos that you can draw but out of all the figures from Mario, I think Mario and Yoshi are two of the best choices besides Mario and Luigi. The idea to do these two famous characters together came from a member on Dragoart who wanted to see how one can draw Mario sitting on Yoshi’s back as he does in the games. Yoshi is not just used as a helpful aid to Mario and Luigi; he is also a good friend and trusted ally. The tutorial in total has about thirteen drawing steps, and one final line art step. I made so many steps because I wanted to make sure that you guys could learn "how to draw Mario and Yoshi" with complete ease. Even though this lesson may look like its extremely hard, it is in fact pretty simple. All you have to do to make the complexity less harsh is take your time, don’t rush, and try and follow the steps as thorough as possible. Once that is done you should end up with a drawing that not only looks good, but is full of fun and excitement. Just looking at the finished work will bring you back to the old Nintendo games when Mario rode Yoshi on a regular basis. I hope you will enjoy this tutorial on how to draw Mario and Yoshi, and when you’re done don’t forget to upload your finished works so everyone can see how you did. Peace out people!

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