How to Draw Males

Artist: Protectin369 / September 27, 2013

Step 1.

So we're first going to start with our line of action to set up our figure. The line's flat this time because we're going to be setting up a figure we're working with today-the male figure.

Step 2.

Next we need to 'snap' the skeletal structure onto the line of action we've created. As you can see we have the general bones drawn out in a conceptual format-the head, the jaw, the rib cage, the arms, legs, joints, and pelvis.

Step 3.

Now, with this tutorial we're going to focus on the male and see just what makes the male, well, male.

Step 4.

Above i've noted some important components to the male anatomy-the trapezius, which spans from behind the neck-gives that bump from the shoulders to the neck we see. It's important to draw this bump out. Next we see the pectorals, or the male breasts   

Step 5.

Here we see the trapezius once more, and the scapula-the scapula is a bone in the back, or the 'shoulder blade'. It's what causes those bumps you see in the upper back. Next we have the spine. It's crucial your spine's correct with the drawing you're   

Step 6.

So, now we're going to see the differences in females and males alike.

Step 7.

The arm width of a male is longer than the hip width. The Hip width of a female is usually longer than the arm width because of fertility and pregnancy. Men are typically firmer and more defined in their strokes, they're harder, more definitive-and w   

Step 8.

So, what makes a character a UNIQUE character? With our little friend here, we're going to look at the differences in characteristic traits.

Step 9.

So we're going to start out by making him heavy-set. Now, i'm not trying to be offensive against anyone heavy-set out there, this is just a prime example of how you can make a character. Fat is a mass of it's own, and is majorly affected by gravity a   

Step 10.

Another way is to draw your character extremely skinny. Yet again, i'm not trying to offend anyone, i'm just using prime examples of how to make your character different. You'll notice that this character is very boney, if you make an extremely skinn   

Step 11.

Or, if you so choose, you can make your character a female. This female figure in particular is hourglass shaped. Note how her shoulders in hips are in the similar shape of an hourglass.

Step 12.

This figure differs from the one above solely due to the distribution of fat across the body and the differences in genetics. This figure is pear-shaped.

Step 13.

Hence why it's body shape is like a pear.

Step 14.

You can also make your female characters heavy-set as well. With females, though, you have more to try to comprehend-the breasts are approximately 80% fat, so you need to make changes properly with the force and gravity of what's going on in the scen   

Step 15.

Now we're back to normal. This has been a brief run-down of variations you can change to make your character a little more different. You need to keep in mind that everything you add to your character can define them-so the more you add, the more we'   

Step 16.

Now, we're going to focus back on the figure drawings. I've set up another line of action, but all you see is just a line. As the artist, I can see what I want clearly in my head, and I can find the references matching what I want to draw-you as the    

Step 17.

Now I make the skeletal structure. You can tell more of what the character is, per say-you can assume that the left one is happy about something, hence the perked-out chest and the arms in the air. The one to the right is droopy and dull, you can ass   

Step 18.

Finally we have our figures. You can obviously tell who's happier and who's sadder. Now, we all have those moments when we see our artwork and think 'i could be so much better...', i have those moments a lot. We see amazing pieces of artwork and wish   

Step 19.

So now we're going to go more in-depth on how you can do more with your line of action, so we start off with a line.

Step 20.

Now, you can make lines where the upper-rib cage is located, and where the hips are. These lines can help you push your character and give them more dynamic based on what you want-you want these lines to be opposite of each other most of the time, li   

Step 21.

Then we just draw the figure of the character while we follow our line. Make sure gravity's spread out even and make sure the character's outline looks just right.

Step 22.

I'll reiterate the importance of making sure the spine's correct. As you can see, the spine works here, and this is good. When you start sketching, you don't want to start with the head in particular, it's better to start with the torso and the hips    

Step 23.

So now we're going to have a little treat for the end of this tutorial-feel free to draw off this one and follow along, because we're going to be drawing a sexy male. If you wish to make it different than mine, go right ahead, as long as it helps i'm   

Step 24.

Next, you're going to want sketch out the male's anatomy-just like what we went over above. You want to try to get it relevant to what we've covered.

Step 25.

add some clothes and whatever you want. I just added a hat on mine honestly.

Step 26.

Finally, if you're drawing digitally, erase those annoying additional lines and vuela-you've got yourself a male drawing. I had another image to upload but I ran out of space, so I guess this is the end of the tutorial. Just remember the importance o   

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