How to Draw Magneto Easy

Artist: Dawn / July 30, 2013

Step 1.

Begin with making a head guide like you see here, then sketch in the facial guidelines as well as the shoulder guide.

Step 2.

Here you will sketch out the infamous helmet that Magneto wears. As you know this helmet prevents his thoughts from being penetrated. The area where the face is exposed is sort of heart shaped.

Step 3.

For the next step you will sketch out the marking lines on Magneto's helmet like so, then use the facial guidelines to draw in the eyes, nose and frowning mouth. Once that is done draw the chin shape, then sketch in the wrinkles on his face, then col   

Step 4.

Lastly, sketch in the layered cape that Magneto wears. As you can see it's in a V like form so use that style as your drawing guide. When you are happy with the drawing, begin erasing the mistakes and guides.

Step 5.

Here is Magneto all drawn out which means you can color him in. I do hope you liked this lesson folks.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: July 30, 2013
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Description: Here is the last character from Marvel that I will be submitting for the day. Everyone knows that Magneto is one of Marvel's ultimate villains. He is one of the ruthless and well educated men from Marvel Comics and because of this fact, it makes him lethal. Anyways, here is "how to draw Magneto easy", step by step. There is a full bodied tutorial on Magneto which was done by Rhardo back in 2010. It's an amazing lesson, and I wouldn't dare to try and compete with Rhardo because he is obviously a very talented artist. Anyways, have fun drawing Magneto easy folks and I will be back with three lessons on some new faces to Disney XD.