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How to Draw Lion-O

Artist: Dawn / June 12, 2010
How to Draw Lion-O

Step 1.

Okay, I will take you through this tutorial using easy, small steps. To start, draw a circle for the head, and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a neck line, and then attach it to the body's wire frame for Lion-O's character.

Step 2.

The first thing you will do here is draw the sides of the neck. Next, sketch out the shape of his face, and then start adding the hair line, eyes, and nose.

Step 3.

Now, begin sketching out the flared hairstyle, and then start sketching out more of Lion-O's eyes, nose, and mouth. Add the ears, and then add some detailing and definition.

Step 4.

It's time to begin sketching out his shoulders, and then the straps to his top or warrior gear. Once that is done, start sketching out arms and his biceps. Lastly, add some detailing for his neck and collar bone area.

Step 5.

Finish sketching out his arms, claws, and then draw the Claw Shield on his right forearm. Add some muscle definition to both arms, and then continue to sketch out the rest of his torso, hips, and crotch.

Step 6.

Finish drawing his tight fitted suit, and then add some detailing to the straps on his shoulders like so. When that's complete, you can draw out his thick belt, and add some stomach muscle definition as well.

Step 7.

Now you can start sketching out Lion-O's muscular thighs like you see here. Don't skimp on the definition, he is a very strong leader.

Step 8.

Finish your drawing by sketching out the calves, and boots. Erase all the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 9.

Here is what your newly drawn ThunderCat looks like when you are done. Color him in, and that's it. You just learned how to draw Lion-O, step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 12, 2010
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Tags: draw thundercats, how to draw thundercats characters, how to draw characters from thundercats, how to draw a thundercat
Description: Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats-HO! Those are the famous words said by one of the most popular animated heroes of the mid eighties. I heard tell that sometime in 2010, Cartoon Network is teaming up to put out a new and improved version of the cartoon that I am talking about now. This lesson is going to be on the main protagonist. I will actually teach you, "how to draw Lion-O", step by step. Who is Lion-O anyway? Well in the series ThunderCats, Lion-O is the leader of the clan, and he is also considered to be Lord of the ThunderCats. His character design is based upon the mighty, and fearless lion. His powers are extraordinary, and to aid him in his defeats and battles, he is in possession of “Sword of Omens”, which is considered to be a legendary weapon. His sword is able to omit energy bolts, or as we know them to be, thunderbolts. Lion-O also uses the power of “Sight Beyond Sight”, and the claw shield which is the attachment that is on his left arm, or right arm if the character drawing is facing you. Lion-O and his heroic team of other humanoid cat folk, are from the planet Thundera. This unique alien race was forced to leave their homeland or planet because they where attacked by their ruthless enemies, the Mutants of Plun-Darr. The ThunderCats consists of; Lion-O, Jaga, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, and finally WilyKit and WilyKat. What makes these heroes so unique, is there relation to actual animals, and this is recognized with their names. For instance, Jaga, is based on the stealthy jaguar. Tygra is based on the tiger. Panthro is from the panther race, Cheetara is from the cheetah race, and WilyKit an WilyKat are both considered wildcats. Anyways, if you remember this cartoon, and you liked it, you will love this lesson that will show you "how to draw Lion-O", the leader of the ThunderCats. I will be back with another tutorial for you all to learn from so stay tuned in to see what I upload next!