How to Draw James Bond, James Bond 007

Artist: MichaelY / March 6, 2013

Step 1.

There have been many different actors who have played James Bond over the years. Sean Connery, Roger Moore, and Timothy Dalton are just a few examples. It's up to you to decide which James Bond you want to use. Or, you can simply create one yourself!   

Step 2.

Agent 007 has used countless weapons in his missions. From handguns, to machine guns, the famous Golden Gun, and even harpoon guns. His preferred weapon has always been the Walther PPK handgun, and he often uses a silencer (seen at the top).

Step 3.

Possibly the most famous image from the James Bond franchise is the gun barrel camera shot used during the credits of the films. You can use this image as a background for your illustration to make it more interesting if you wish.

Step 4.

For the sake of this demonstration, we are going to use Daniel Craig, the current actor who plays James Bond, as our reference.

Step 5.

Let's start by drawing the basic guide lines for our figure. Using a 2H or harder pencil, lightly sketch in a stick figure form such as this. Remember to draw very lightly so that we can easily erase these lines later on.

Step 6.

We should now draw the basic shape of the body before applying clothes. Doing this will ensure that the figure is proportionate and in a natural position. Keep in mind that James Bond has always been very fit, but never overly muscular. Also be sure    

Step 7.

Let's draw the face first. Using the construction lines we inserted as a guide, start by first drawing the eyes, then the nose, and then the mouth. It is never a good idea to start by drawing the outside (contours) of the head first, as the image may   

Step 8.

Working our way down the figure, we can now start drawing the clothes. Draw the collar and undershirt first. Only a small portion of the shirt will be visible beneath his jacket. James Bond always wore a bow tie in the early days, but more recently,    

Step 9.

Now draw the lapel of the jacket and the right arm. Make sure the fabric drapes over the form of the figure and hangs from the wrist. The material should look freshly pressed, but not so rigid that a few wrinkles don't appear, especially at the inner   

Step 10.

Now draw the hand gripping the handgun. Or feel free to use another weapon, if you so wish. You can make things a little more interesting by having his trigger finger resting against the side of the gun, rather than on the trigger itself.

Step 11.

Now draw the rest of the jacket and the pants. The jacket should have a little bit of movement to it, as if gently blowing in the wind.

Step 12.

Lastly, draw the shoes. They do not need to be overly detailed, since they will be blacked out later. Notice how the left foot is hiding behind the right as he taking a step forward.

Step 13.

Using a brush and ink, or a Micron marker, carefully ink your image. Be patient, and make sure you don't accidentally ink any unneeded construction lines.

Step 14.

Now go back and add shadow to the face and hand, and black out the clothes. James Bond is known for wearing a black suit or tuxedo. You should also add some shadow to the gun.

Step 15.

Lastly, go back with white ink or opaque white paint and draw in some highlights to help the wrinkles and arms stand out. You can also draw a shine on the shoe. This will help the image pop and look less flat. And that's how you draw Bond. James Bond   

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Description: A step by step guide on how to draw James Bond in a comic book style.