How to Draw Iggy Azalea


You will begin by making the guide shape for the head, then sketch in the shoulder guideline as well as the facial guidelines.


Up next, define the shape of Iggy's face. She is looking over her shoulder at you so it's will need to be drawn in a 3/4 view. Sketch out the shape of her ear as well.


We will now focus on her head and hairstyle. She normally wears her hair slicked back or combed back. It is straight and long. The top of her hair is in strands.


Up next, we will sketch out some of the face starting with Iggy's eyebrows. Color them in as well. You will then need to draw the shape of her nose, then move to step five.


We will continue to draw out Iggy's face but this time tackle the upper lids for her eyes. They feather out with long, thick lashes as you see here.


Finish drawing her eyes by adding the lower lid line and pupils. Also add a small crease at the top of her eye too which is the lid crease.


Now let's sketch out her mouth which is her full lips. Iggy's mouth is closed with a slight smirk. Add the smile lines, and then color in her mole or beauty mark.


Add some detailing inside her ear like so, then that's it for step eight, move on to step nine.


Lastly, sketch in her shoulder, neck and more hair detailing. You are finally all done drawing Iggy Azalea. Erase your mistakes as well as the guides.


That's it, add some color if you like, or just keep the drawing as a line art sketch.

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December 27, 2014

Description: If you are into the whole hip hop dance music scene then you should be excited to see this face on the front page of Dragoart. Today I will show you "how to draw Iggy Azalea", step by step. She is an Australian recording artist who has hits as Black Widow, Fancy, Beg for It and others. She notes that she grew up listening to artists like Missy Elliot and Tupac Shakur and she also adds that they were two of her biggest musical influences growing up as a kid and tries to base her own music around the same principles. Anyways, I know you can tell by the digital painted portrait that I spent a lot of time on creating this lesson which will teach you the task of drawing Iggy Azalea, step by step. Have fun with this tut folks and enjoy.

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