How to Draw Hinata from Naruto

Artist: Dawn / October 7, 2020

Step 1.

We will start with some guides and shapes to create the framework of your Naruto character. Begin by drawing the head and torso shapes followed by the guidelines for the face and shoulders.

Step 2.

Define the face shape which should end at the chin in a subtle point. When that is done work on her hair which are straight lined bangs in chunk drawing sections. Sketch in the detailing to the ends of her bang pieces.

Step 3.

Use the facial guidelines to draw out the shapes of her eyes. She has blank eyes in this lesson so don't worry about the pupils or anything. The upper lids should be thick and dark, and the eyebrows should be in an expressive style. Give Hinata a nos   

Step 4.

This is probably the hardest step because it involves drawing her hair. Hinata has long straight hair. There is not a curl in it at all. The strands should be drawn in section of different thickness. She has shorter pieces that rests on her shoulders   

Step 5.

Now you can draw the shape of her neck and then draw out the shoulders. We will draw the plate on her neck too which is the symbol of the village she is from. Once that is done you can draw the flaps for the zipper and the zipper teeth. Sketch in def   

Step 6.

All you have to do here is draw in and create a cleavage. When that is done sketch in the collar bones.

Step 7.

Almost done. Draw the shapes of her breasts, then draw the arms or sleeves. Add the detailing to the sleeves and jacket like you see here which are folds, creases and wrinkles.

Step 8.

For the last step all you have to do is draw in the rest of the body or what you can see of it. This will also create the shape of her body too. Hinata is a shapely figure from Naruto so be sure to show that in this drawing step. Erase the mistakes a   

Step 9.

Once you're satisfied with the way your line art looks, go ahead and erase the preliminary guidelines that we drew in step one. Go ahead and take a pen or a thin sharpie and ink your drawing out! I prefer Micron pens for inking, that vary in tip thic   

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey guys. Here is my last lesson for the day, and it will be on a character from a show that I was a humongous fan of and that show is Naruto. I don't think there was a character from Naruto that I disliked. I mean, I know everyone has their own character that annoys them, but you still don't hate them. In fact, if the certain character that you say you "hated" was to die, you would feel sad right? Well this tutorial is going to show you how to draw Hinata Hyuga, step by step from Naruto. Hinata is a very recognizable character from the show. One of the biggest traits of her is the big bust that she has. Interestingly enough, when she was first created for Naruto, she wasn't a ninja at all. Instead she was drawn wearing a dress and had a very simple style. In the end though she was changed drastically and the finished results is what you see in the Naruto series today. I love how this version of Hinata came out. I don't think I have ever drawn her in her sweet, non aggressive form. The lessons of Hinata that I have are outdated and needed to be updated drastically. Those of you who are Naruto fans, I hope you enjoy this lesson. Please don't say anything about her chest, if you know Hinata you should also know that this is what her character looks like. She is a busty girl and is not afraid to flaunt her stuff. Enjoy drawing Naruto's Hinata and I will be back soon with more drawing fun.