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How to Draw Boruto, Boruto Uzumaki

Artist: bunnyhop23 / June 1, 2016
How to Draw Boruto, Boruto Uzumaki

Step 1.

Make the head and body guides.

Step 2.

Draw in Boruto's eyes, nose and smile and then draw his ear.

Step 3.

Draw Boruto's hairstyle next which is thick chunks.

Step 4.

Draw Boruto's headband next and then draw the shape of his neck.

Step 5.

Up next, draw in his body, but for now it will be his jacket.

Step 6.

Under the jacket draw the tee shirt. Add the wrinkles on the shirt and collar.

Step 7.

Add the stripes down his jacket sleeves and then draw the necklace he wears.

Step 8.

You will now draw the exposed parts of his arms and more of his jacket. Now that you are done you can erase the mistakes.

Step 9.

Here is Boruto Uzumaki when you are all done. Color him in too.

Comments (2)
rae1213 · 5 years ago
Do you work for Dragoart or something because it seems like you post most of the tutorials on Dragoart... ;p
bunnyhop23 · 5 years ago
No im just related to the people who own the site and help them with there work
Artist: bunnyhop23
Date Added: June 1, 2016
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Tags: how to draw naruto
Description: I have a fun treat for you guys. Lately I have gotten into the Naruto series and when I was done with it, I found out there is a movie/anime based on the life of Naruto's son Boruto Uzumaki. Today I will show you how to draw Boruto and we will have fun doing it. Just so you know, Boruto is the son of Naruto and Hinata.