How to Draw Himouto Umaru Chan

Artist: PokeAisy / March 6, 2016

Step 1.

Draw the regular stick like base figure. I didn't know how to describe it, lol

Step 2.

Outline the body and draw the mane base...the one without the stick fig-You know what, the picture explains everything. I iz lazy

Step 3.

Draw the eyes and the kawaii little wink. I drew 'wow' in Japanese by her winking eye

Step 4.

how to draw le eye part one...and yes, this is Umaru's eye...keep in mind I use a printer to scan the paper for the tutorials...I do not use a computer.

Step 5.


Step 6.

Now finish eye ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Step 7.


Step 8.

Draw the little Umaru Umaru holds (that sounded wierd) and draw the ears and face on her snuggie-like thingy.

Step 9.

Kinda clean it up by going over the drawing with a pencil (or a sharpie) and shade some stuff. Bai!!!

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Artist: PokeAisy
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