How to Draw Flandre Scarlet

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YOU KNO TEH ROUTINE!! (but if your new...) DRAW LA SKELETON!!! (It looks like a skeleton, lol. I have no other words to describe it...I think other people know, but they are hiding it from me. I think they think i am Illuminati...)


TAKE YOUR TIEM WITH THIS STEP!!! I've never drawn an anime hat before...*flashback* *i'm drawing a hat for Flandre-chan, "WHY DOES THE HAT LOOK LIKE A BOWL?!"* yeah, I needed to look at a few examples. I guess you can draw the guidelines for the   


Need I say words?


Draw her holding her staff (I think that's what it is... PLZ DON'T KILL ME TOUHOU FANS) looks kinda weird, but i need to practice drawing hands so they don't look like sausages.


DRAW HER...wings? They look like wings. How does she fly with them?? Please don't no-scope me through my window, Touhou fans...


DETAAAIILL!! I don't care how you do the eyes...I tried so hard so she doesn't look derpy. 'DUURRRR ERMAGHERD TOUHOU DURRR.' That's what I though of when I tried to do different art styles the first few times. again, don't kill meh.

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March 7, 2016

Description: ELLO M'LADIES!!!(and sirs)!!! I HAVE BROUGHT THY A NEW TUTORIAL!! IT IS ADVANCED (I guess? I mean, it looks advanced, so idk)! I SWEAR ON ME MUM I WILL DO KIRITO NEXT!!!! I better get crakin' on it, tho. ANYWEEYYS, Thank y'all for liking my tutorials!! I decided to do it for fun, and I'm glad that y'all are happy with meh tutorials!! SO NOW YOUR SENPAI IS HAPPY!!! *doki* *doki* I've never seen the anime she has been in before, so it was kind of hard to draw her. I drew her because, at first, I thought she looked kawaii until I saw the evil her...9-9

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