How to Draw Hedgehog from Summer Camp Island


Like always, start with the head and body guidelines and shapes like you see here. This will create the framework for drawing Hedgehog.


Hedgehog Werewolf has some big round eyes so you will want to use the facial guidelines to draw those in first. When the eyes are drawn out, go ahead and give her face a nose and a friendly smile. Don't forget the eyebrows.


Up next, we will begin drawing in her hair which frames the face. Once the bangs and bang ends are drawn, you can sketch out the shape of her face.


Finish her hairstyle and give Hedgehog some ears.


You will then begin to draw in her torso which is also her sweater. Don't forget the arms and or sleeves too as well as the detailing at the sleeve cuffs.


Now we will draw a shirt collar that is resting along the edge of her sweater, then give Hedgehog some flared hands, and a skirt.


Finish Hedgehog off by drawing in her legs and feet. Erase the mistakes that were made along with the guidelines.


You're done. Now you can have fun coloring her in. Don't forget to show off your artwork by uploading your finished drawings to Drawing Hub.,

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August 3, 2022

Description: Okay, so here is my second character from Summer Camp Island for the day and tomorrow I will be back with some more fun lessons for you all. I just wanted to upload a couple characters from the Cartoon Network series because my little sister watches the show and even though she knows how to draw just as good as me, I like to dedicate this lesson to her as well as to all the other artists who requested characters from the series. Anyways, here is how to draw Hedgehog, step by step. As you can see or maybe you can't see, but Hedgehog is an anthropomorphic hedgehog who gets bit by a puppy and later has the ability to transform into a werewolf. I know, weird combination right? She is cool because she is the more level headed character from the bunch. She wears a maroon colored sweater over a white button up shirt along with her navy blue skirt. Hedgehog has big round eyes and a very friendly face. I actually had fun drawing Hedgehog because I know she turns into a werewolf and I love werewolves. As far as complexity goes, she shouldn't be too hard to replicate. Just follow the steps and you should be good to go. Meet me back here tomorrow for more drawing fun, but for now enjoy drawing Hedgehog Werewolf from Summer Camp Island.

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