How to Draw Handy Manny

Artist: Dawn / April 7, 2009

Step 1.

Draw a circle for Manny's head and add the facial guidelines. Next draw the lining for his body which will form a frame that you can easily work with.

Step 2.

You will start to sketch out the shape of Manny's head, hard hat, ears and face. Next draw the outline of his arms and shirt as you see here.

Step 3.

Here you can see that Manny is coming to life. Draw the line for his hard hat and then use the facial guidelines to draw the small circles for his eyes. Give him pupils and color them in as well. Next draw the shape and line of his hair on the sides    

Step 4.

This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is add stripes to his hard hat and then give him a set of nice eyebrows. Draw a round nose and a small mouth. Detail the ears and draw a pencil that is resting on the crease of his left ear. Finis   

Step 5.

This is what your playhouse Disney character should look like when you are done. All you have to do now is shade or color him in. You have just learned how to draw Handy Manny or Manny Garcia step by step.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 7, 2009
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Description: This is a cute character from a fairly new animated show that airs on Playhouse Disney. It is a fun and exciting new series that couch locks me into almost every episode that airs. I will teach you how to draw Handy Manny step by step. Manny Garcia is a Latino repair man that owns a repair shop in the town of Sheetrock Hills. Not only does he operate and generate business from his shop, he has a tool box full of tools that can talk, sing, and dance as they help Manny repair broken projects throughout his small town. The reason why I chose to do this character from Disney is because he was requested by a member. Its funny how someone finally requested Handy Manny because I have been meaning to do a lesson on him for quite some time now. My little sister loves watching the show when Dora is done being broadcasted. Learning how to draw Handy Manny is a fun way to get your foot in the door to drawing the other characters of the show like his tools; Felipe who is a Phillips head screwdriver and he has the self image of being the most important tool in the toolbox. Next is Turner the flathead screwdriver and he is the grumpy tool that often has an attitude toward Felipe. Stretch is a tape measure that loves his job to measure all sorts of things, and then there is Dusty a handsaw and he spews out good advice to all the tools in the box. Pat is a hammer that has a chatter way of life, and Squeeze is a pair of pliers that helps many grapple onto bolts. Rusty is a monkey wrench that Manny uses for all kinds of pipes that needs to be fixed, and lastly there is Flicker the flashlight who is still struggling with the English language so he will often speak in Spanish. The show is full of fun animated characters that keep you entertained. This tutorial shows you an easy way to learn how to draw Handy Manny step by step. Who knows, maybe in the future I will show you how to draw other Handy Manny characters like all his tools.