How to Draw Guys


Step 1: 3 FULL BODY : Think about the pose and start by drawing a circle for the head, and then draw out the square body, lower body part.add the lines for face, arm and leg. 7 EXPRESSION : drawing a circle for the head and add the lines for face i   


Step 2: 3 FULL BODY : Sketch out the shape of the head, shoulder, arms , body and hand according the shape line on step one. 7 EXPRESSION/10 HAIRSTYLES : Sketch out the shape of face according thier own angle, prepare a circle space for the human br   


Step 3: 3 FULL BODY : Now start sketching out the clothing line , hair part , shoes then draw the eyes,mouth and nose.7 EXPRESSION : sketch out the hair that must full cover the circle space for the human brain part. sketch out the eyes, nose and    


Step 4: This is the last drawing step that all you need to do is draw out all the detail. Erase the line and shape that you drew in the Step one to clean up your line art.



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October 30, 2010

Description: Hey guys, it's another tutorial that will give you lots of helpful tips on "<em>drawing guys</em>", step by step. There are many styles of male features in this tutorial and I give you basic structures on drawing them. There's 10 hairstyles you can customize your guys in with 7 basic expressions and head views to get yourselves familiarized with the different views. Also, there's a few body poses that will guide you well on drawing them. I hope this tutorial will give you a few good tips on “<em><strong>how to draw guys</em></strong>”, step by step. Observe the figures well and educate yourself so you can come out with perfect looking men! Thanks for viewing and good luck!

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