How to Draw Anthros


1. Anthropamorphic = Anthro, thery are look demi-humans or either way say it they are like animals in a humanoid form. PUPPY (full body) : start by drawing a circle for the head, and then draw out 2 circle for body and lower body part.add the lines    


2.PUPPY (full body) :then, Sketch out the shape of the head, ear, eyes, shoulder, arms, body, leg and tail according the shape line on step one. ya, for the marking of a puppy, the key thing is its ear, tail and feet. and the tip here for draw the an   


3.PUPPY (full body) : Now start sketching out the clothing line (a cute labour's look), the puppy neckle, big bone (i thinks it will like it), and outline of the hair follow the overall head size.SEXY RABBIT LADY (half body) sketching out the cloth   


4: This is the last drawing step that all you need to do is draw out all the detail= fluffy hair .Erase the line and shape that you drew in the Step one to clean up your line art.



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March 7, 2017

Description: Here in this tutorial, you will be learning "<em><strong>how to draw anthro characters</em></strong>", step by step. There are four styles of anthros you'll get a taste of, which sums this tutorial up as pure awesome! A sexy rabbit lady will be perfect for a seductive scene/character. You can stylize the eyes or face to suit your own rabbit anthro. When drawing these particular characters, you'll require imagination and what type of animal you'll want to anthro-tize. It takes time and patience, along with observation to create a good looking character, that is well believable. Go explore and examine the ways your favorite artists draw their anthropic characters, and mix it with your own ideas to stylize perfection! All it takes is practice, patience, constant observation, and learning. Anyways, have fun with your new pet people! Don't forget to leave kind feedback on how you managed your success! Good luck!

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