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How to Draw General Ronin From Epic

Artist: Dawn / April 11, 2013
How to Draw General Ronin From Epic

Step 1.

Start with a shape for the head, then draw in the outline for the body or torso.

Step 2.

The next thing you will do is sketch out Ronin's facial structure shape. Once that is done, you can draw in the hair lining which is also some short bangs. Draw the shape of his ear, then proceed to step three.

Step 3.

Next up, use the facial guidelines to draw in the bold thick shaped eyebrows. Next, sketch out the shapes of the small beady eyes, followed by the nose and mouth. Add detailing from the nostril, then add detailing inside of his ear. Also finish sketc   

Step 4.

General Ronin is in an action pose which means you will be drawing the front view of him. The first thing to do here is draw out the shoulders, then draw the large lining for the collar of his armor. Add the detailing to the chest plat, then proceed    

Step 5.

All you need to do here is draw in the layered plates on General Ronin's shoulders. Add definition to the shoulder plates to give it that nice detailed design.

Step 6.

You're almost done folks. Here is where you will draw out the arms, as well as his hand. The hand and arms are also covered with padding. This is General Ronin's uniform that he wears when preparing for combat.

Step 7.

For the last step Draw the string for the bow, then sketch in all the detailing and definition on the armor pads for his forearms, and the designing to the suits shoulders and chest. Erase the mistakes as well.

Step 8.

Here is General Ronin. As you can see he is staring at you because he wants to be colored in. Get busy and add some life to this man.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: April 11, 2013
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Tags: how to draw epic, how to draw epic characters
Description: Here is a face that you are going to see a lot of. This next tutorial will show you "how to draw General Ronin", step by step. As you can see General Ronin is from the upcoming movie Epic. General Ronin is voiced by Colin Farrell and even so, the character design looks nothing like Farrell at all. Nonetheless I think that this lesson is important because General Ronin will be an important figure from the film. I will be back in a bit so either stay tuned in, or come back around the choice is yours.