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How to draw freddy fazbear

Artist: Jazzpie / November 29, 2014
How to draw freddy fazbear

Step 1.

Draw a basic outline of freddys head

Step 2.

Add eyes, teeth and a nose

Step 3.

Add eyebrows and the insides of the ears. Then colour

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vicjac · 5 years ago
vicjac · 5 years ago
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toyfoxy · 5 years ago
X3 :hai: :jawdrop: :speechless: :rock: :singing: :3 ;) confused :lol: :watermelon:
toyfoxy · 5 years ago
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KIttyKat176244 · 6 years ago
ur cool
Jazzpie · 6 years ago
Artist: Jazzpie
Date Added: November 29, 2014
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Tags: how to draw five nights at freddys
Description: How to draw freddy fazbear