How to Draw Frankenstein

Artist: finalprodigy / October 17, 2011

Step 1.

Start out by choosing your pencils. I found myself using an F pencil for sketching and a B pencil for shading/dark lines. An HB pencil was used sparingly when shading. You may also need 2B and 3B pencils depending on how dark you want your shading to   

Step 2.

Start out by getting a sketching out the head and shoulders without too much detail. You can use the guidelines if you need them. I used an F pencil to sketch but an HB pencil can work here also.

Step 3.

Your sketch should end up looking something like this. Try to erase as much of the unneeded guidelines as possible.

Step 4.

While still using your sketching pencil, start adding some more detail to the drawing starting with the facial features.

Step 5.

Now define the rest of the main features on his head. Lightly shade in the dark areas just to make things easier to see.

Step 6.

Define the lines of the rest of the drawing. Don't forget the huge bolt in his neck!

Step 7.

Now roughly shade over the whole drawing with an HB pencil. Shade very lightly. Aim to keep your shading lighter than your lines.

Step 8.

Now use a cloth, blending stump, or paper towel to blend in your shading.

Step 9.

Now erase the highlights on the face. Doing this now makes future shading easier.

Step 10.

Now start adding dark shading using a B pencil starting at the eyes.

Step 11.

Now add shading to the top half of the head.

Step 12.

Now work on the middle section of the head including the ears and nose.

Step 13.

Now shade in the rest of the face. Try not to blend with a blending stump right now. Rely on your pencil to produce texture.

Step 14.

Start shading in the neck and the rest of the drawing. I found that shading the rest of the dark areas using only a B pencil was very inconvenient so I decided to also use 2B and 3B pencils. Be sure to add layers working from lightest pencil to darke   

Step 15.

Here is the finished drawing after completing my shading and going back to fix a few details. I hope this tutorial was enjoyable for you. Have a Happy Halloween everyone!

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Artist: finalprodigy
Date Added: October 17, 2011
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Description: Frankenstein's monster is probably one of my favorite book characters of all time. So since Halloween is coming up here's a tutorial on how to draw Frankenstein, based on Boris Karloff's Frankenstein.