How to Draw Eragon

Artist: Dawn / November 11, 2010
How to Draw Eragon

Step 1.

First, we must start with the basic foundation for Saphira. Since this is only her head, we will be needing to focus a lot of our detailing skills on her face and crest. Start with a large circle for the skull and a rounded shape for her snout. She h   

Step 2.

Let's move onto drawing core details that will shape the Eragon dragon's face. Taking care and time while drawing the snout should be advised. Add the brow to add more definition of the face, keeping in mind that it SHOULD NOT be drawn as a huge moun   

Step 3.

Now it's time to get to the serious details that will be requiring some time and efforts. Below this step, is a tip that shows you where to place definition of the Eragon dragon's face. The large horn should be drawn upright from the end of the skull   

Step 4.

Adding definition to a close up head portrait should be handled with knowledge and skill. Add light and brisk strokes that will define muscle tissues and structure, making Saphira look very strong and believable on paper. Imagine her as a skeleton wi   

Step 5.

Next, shade in the mouth by adding hints of teeth. Saphira's teeth are placed randomly in her jaw rather than neatly like dog teeth or a human's. Finish off by drawing the back of her neck and the hairs on the crest.

Step 6.

This might be a little tedious for your artist mind so get ready! To create the underside of the dragon scales, start with the line that divides the scales in halves so you can create the base. Now, lightly add individual scales to the underbelly to    

Step 7.

This is what your final drawing should result in! Go ahead and add additional shading to make her really pop! I hope you liked this tutorial as I had so much fun with the drawing process. Thanks a lot for viewing and have fun!

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Artist: Dawn
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Description: Hey guys! I'm quickly submitting a tutorial that will basically guide you through on “how to draw Eragon”, step by step! I had so much fun with the painting process as well as the tutorial layout. This lesson will definitely help you to “draw Saphira”! I hope you'll enjoy and have fun!