How to Draw Eddy

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Eddy is a very easy character to draw. Start with a circle for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw a long oval shape for his body.


In step two you will be drawing out the shape and structure of Eddy's face as you see it here. Start with the left side by drawing out the ear and then the left side of the face. Make sure you draw the lip part of his crazy looking smile and then dra   


Finish off the shape of Eddy's head and then add the three pieces of hair that stick out in an erect position. You will then begin drawing out the shape of his neck which moves in with his torso and or shirt. Draw the shapes of his arms or short slee   


Now you can start drawing out Eddy's clothes which are big and baggy. Start by drawing the collar of his shirt and then the red strip that goes down the left side. Next draw his arm and place his hand in his pocket. Sketch out the baggy style of his    


Welcome to your last drawing step. All you have to do is draw the zipper lines and then his small feet and or shoes. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing to prepare it for color.


You are all done. I hope you liked this tutorial on "How to Draw Eddy from Ed Edd and Eddy" step by step. Color him in and that's it!

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August 9, 2009

Description: Here is a very funny character from a animated series that has been airing since 1999. The show Ed Edd n Eddy hit airways like you wouldn’t believe. Back then it used to be one of my favorite cartoon series but as I grew older and more into drawing, I forgot about the show all together. A member from DragoArt asked if I could do a tutorial on “how to draw Eddy from Ed Edd n Eddy" step by step. Of course my response was yes, I mean do I ever say no to any request? I may have forgotten a few, but that is only because I have so much on my plate right now that I sometimes don’t know where to start and finish. Anyway let’s talk about Eddy for a minuet shall we? First off Eddy comes across as the leader of the pack and he is always conjuring up ideas to do new things everyday after school. His two buddies Ed and Edd always accompany him no matter what the plans are. Ed is what you would call the “dumb” one out of the bunch because he really doesn’t use any of his brains whatsoever. One good thing about having Ed as a friend is that he is really strong which is why they made him the idiot of the group. Next up is Edd, now Edd is the brains of the trio, and he has this unnatural politeness about him that can sometimes drive Eddy crazy. Edd loves chemistry as well as biology and you will see him writing on a notepad from time to time. Eddy will sometimes run into his other two acquaintances Jimmy, and Johnny 2x4. On occasion they will run into the Kanker Sisters which is three girls that are in love with Ed, Edd, and Eddy. No mater how many times I used to watch the show I always left the couch with my stomach hurting. All the characters are hilariously funny and I guarantee that you will love this lesson on “how to draw Eddy" from Ed Edd n Eddy step by step. You can catch the show on Cartoon Network every Friday at 1pm, and I do urge you guys to watch it. I have to go now but I shall return. Peace out peeps and happy drawing.

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