How to Draw Detective Conan


Make three shapes to create the body guide. A circle for the head and then two more guide shapes for the torso and bottom half of body.


We will define the shape of Conan's face, then draw the shape of his head and then his bangs. This part of Conan is drawn the same way it's done in his sixteen year old form.


Up next, draw the ears and detail them in as well. Then sketch in the shapes of his eyes. Draw the eyeglasses, nose and mouth too. End this step by adding a piece of hair sticking up in the back of his head.


Let's get started with the body beginning with the shoulders, small arms and the torso which is also the jacket. Add the wrinkles or crinkles, and move to step five when done.


Add the collar to his jacket and then draw in the bow tie. Add a button and then proceed to step six.


Almost done folks. Draw in the baggy looking shorts, then move to step seven.


Lastly, draw the childish legs and then draw the very baggy socks.


Lastly, draw in Conan's sneakers and then detail them as well. They look a lot like red Converse but who knows. Erase your mistakes and guides, than you're done.


Lastly, review your drawing before you ink it and then later on if you're feeling like it, you can go ahead and color your drawing of Detective Conan. I hope you guys enjoyed this lesson because I sure had a lot of fun making it!

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May 4, 2015

Description: Remember the character I uploaded on Shinichi Kudo? Well, this is the same character, but he is in his child form after taking the poison substance by force. This tutorial will be showing you how to draw Detective Conan, step by step. Once the strange poison shrunk Shinichi, he decided to go by the alias Conan Edogawa or otherwise known as Detective Conan. Anyways, this tutorial is also going to be fun because we will be drawing Shinichi in the form of how he looked in first grade. He basically looks the same, but he is wearing glasses, shorts and sneakers. Anyways, I do hope you enjoy this tut as well. I will be back shortly with some other cool stuff for you guys to tackle.

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