How to Draw Coexist


The first thing we will do is draw a chunky style crescent moon on a slant.


Next, draw a circle for the peace symbol.


Here we will draw in the outline of the graffiti style lowercase e. This will be used to display the gender differences.


Complete the female sex symbol, then add the hole to complete the e.


We will move on by drawing in the peace symbol. You will then draw the heart and star on each side of the peace sign.


Next up, right on the side of the e, you will draw in the six pointed star for the Jewish symbol.


Complete the star by adding the inner detailing creating a spiked crown with an inner ring.


You can now draw a single shaft for the letter i. This is going to be another lowercase letter. On the dot add a smiley face.


Here we will create an S on a circle which will end up being a yin yang image when done.


Lastly, draw the lowercase T for the ending letter. Add a small peace hand on the lower corner, then add eye holes for the yin yang.


Once you have cleaned up the drawing from mistakes, you can begin coloring in your work.

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February 3, 2015

Description: So here is a sign that is being seen almost everywhere I turn my head. It's a phrase that is becoming more and more popular across the globe so I decided to make a cool, hip, groovy lesson on it. Having said that, here is how to draw Coexist, step by step. This cool graffiti art was so fun to create. The symbols of each letter all represent something important when it comes down to learning how to live with all creations, creeds, but more importantly, all religions. In a truly free society, people of different beliefs don't have to fear those of the "other" group. Instead, all mankind lives amongst one another in harmony, peace, love and understanding. If you believe in the same ideals, then give this tutorial a like and share. We need to spread the love not hate when it comes to living under the same night sky, the same sunlight, and under the one father we all call GOD no matter what or who we believe in.

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