How to Draw Cleo de Nile

Artist: Dawn / September 4, 2010

Step 1.

You will draw the frame for Cleo's body like you see here. Start by making the circle for her head, and then add the guidelines for her face, jaw, and body.

Step 2.

Define the shape of Cleo's face like you see here, and then begin drawing out her pretty eyes, nose and mouth like so. Next, start the process by making her shoulders, and then her top or blouse.

Step 3.

Finish off her eyes like you see here, and then sketch in her eyebrows. When that is done you need to draw out the outlining of her big gold earrings. Finish sketching out her mouth, and then begin sketching her arms, hands, waist, and legs.

Step 4.

You will begin sketching out her head or hair, and the add some detailing to her big gold earrings, and then draw in her neck wrap. Finish sketching out her shirt like so, and then finish her hand. Continue to draw out her legs like so, and then you    

Step 5.

Sketch in the headband and be sure to add in the jewels like so, and then add in her belt. Add some detailing to her hand, legs, and then draw in her feet, and stylish shoes.

Step 6.

Draw her entire hairstyle, and then add in all the wrapped up bandages all over her body. Well, maybe not all over her body, just her forearms, waist, legs, and feet. You might actually want to erase the guidelines and shapes before you start sketchi   

Step 7.

Here is the famous Cleo de Nile everyone, now all you have to do is color her in to finish her wonderful styled self off. Great work guys!

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: September 4, 2010
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Description: Last week I started uploading lessons on different Monster High students, and to be honest with you, I never thought the tutorials would get so many positive reviews, and requests. There is a few more characters that I need to upload to finish off the series of main students, so I will get started by uploading the one that has been getting the most requests, "how to draw Cleo de Nile", step by step. What I really like about Cleo is her long, blond, brown, gold, and black colored hair. Her style is pretty sweet too, and because she is the daughter of The Mummy, she is probably one of the oldest out of the bunch. According to Mattel’s site that they have for Monster High, she is around five thousand, eight hundred forty two years old. Cleo’s style is a bit different from everybody else because she has an Egyptian twist. she wears big gold earrings, a gold belt, gold bracelets, and even a gold headband with a few jewels. Now, you would think that the daughters or sons of monsters would have absolutely no fear right? Well, for Cleo she is truly scared of one thing, and one thing only, the dark. How the heck can a mummy be scared of the dark? Anyway, unlike her peers, she has a boyfriend that happens to be the son of Medusa and his name is Deuce Gorgon. She only has one best friend and that is the timid looking Ghoulia Yelps, and she is the daughter of The Zombies. No matter if Cleo has five friends, or one, she is definitely a cool looking daughter of a mummy. Drawing her out should be a breeze, in fact she was s bit easier to draw then the rest of the gang that I uploaded so far. I shall return in a bit because there is much more on the way. Don’t stray too far away because it’s still time to draw all day!