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How to Draw Chun Li

Artist: koreacow / January 7, 2010
How to Draw Chun Li

Step 1.

First draw a circle for her head and two semi circles for the buns on her head. Then you will draw the guidelines for her body. Make sure you know which line for the leg is in the front so you wont be confused later. You will then draw a circle for h   

Step 2.

Draw guidelines to mark her face and waist. Then do the same for her outfit and accessories.

Step 3.

Draw a rough outline for her entire body.

Step 4.

Clean up the rough out lines you’ve just drawn.

Step 5.

Now you will draw her face. What was the rule for an anime face? That’s right, big eyes and a small nose and mouth. Then you can draw the patterns on her outfit. Give her bootlaces, and add on ribbons for her hair buns.

Step 6.

Last but now least, add on some hair lines and muscle lines to make her look more three dimensional.

Step 7.

Now you’ve got beautiful and tough-as-nails Chun Li from Street Fighters. Wasn’t that fun? All you have to do now is color her however you want. Join me next time on my tutorial!

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Artist: koreacow
Date Added: January 7, 2010
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Tags: draw street fighter, how to draw street fighter
Description: Hello, today I am going to show you how to draw Chun Li from Street Fighter, step by step. I have to say that Street Fighter is my all-time favorite video game! I know there are lots of sexy female video game characters such as Yuna and Lara Croft, but I’m sorry, Chun Li is definitely the goddess of all video game heroines. How could you resist a cute Chinese girl in her sexy outfit fighting? I remember when my brother and I were kids, when there was a typhoon, we would stay home all day doing nothing else but play Street Fighter. Of course I would always play Chun Li. My brother would play Ryu. I would probably do the same thing now during snowstorms if I still had that game. I was really disappointed when the movie came out in 1994. Even though I don’t remember anything about the movie now, I guess I just don’t like movies that spoil the fantasy of the video game. I hope you all had a good time drawing Chun Li with me. Remember, Chun Li is not just a cute girly girl, so make sure you draw her legs nice and strong! Maybe I will draw a few more Street Fighters characters in the future. Thanks for joining me, see you!