How to Draw Chibis

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This is just a quick comparison of the different levels of chibi size using a five hand graph. Read the comparison text that is in the step to understand it a little better.


This is a step that describes and shows the different types of chibi faces, chibi eyes, and chibi hands. The faces really do vary in shape and in size and as you can see there are three different types of chibi style hands that are used as well. Chib   


Lets start this lesson and draw some chibis. Start with three head shapes as you see here and add the facial guidelines. You will then draw out the body guidelines which right now look like stick figures.


Now sketch out the shapes of the three different faces. The littlest face has more of a chubby appearance, and as you get bigger the faces become more subtle. Next use the facial guidelines to draw in the chibi eye shapes and then the chibi ears. Nex   


You will basically finish off the chibi faces as you see here. Next color in the pupils and then give these chibi faces some mouths and eyebrows. Finish the chibi arms, and hands, and then draw the outer lines for the torso and the legs.


This is your last drawing step and all you have to do is draw the rest of their legs and then draw the feet on the biggest chibi. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one and you are all done.


This is what your chibis should look like when you are done. Color them in and even put some clothes and hair on your newly drawing chibi figures. You finished this tutorial on "how to draw chibis step by step".

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October 9, 2009

Description: I feel that this next lesson is very important to upload because it will literally teach you “how to draw chibis” the right way. I know there are a bunch of lessons that I have uploaded on all kinds of different chibi animals, characters, and chibi anime/manga characters as well. Drawing chibi is something that blew up in a way that is basically unimaginable. I mean, I remember when chibi characters and drawings where just something that people drew in their spare time. I think that the chibi phenomenon started blowing up late last year and just has intensified over time. There are three different types of chibi that I draw and all of them can be seen in varies lessons that I have on DragoArt. The first chibi style is the smallest out of them all. This chibi figure is about three and a half heads tall and all the limbs are rounded without any hint of fingers or toes. The heads are large and the faces are very basic. Big eyes, and a mouth. The smallest version of chibi usually doesn’t have a nose or even a hint of a nose. The second version of chibi that I draw is the style that has a bit of a bigger body. They are about four and a half heads tall and usually have just a thumb on the nub that is called a hand, or actual small fingers. The last of them all is a full five heads tall. This type of chibi form looks more like a small child because they have feet and hands. I know what you are thinking to yourself, what in the world is three heads, four heads, so on and so forth? Let me explain. With anime/manga, size comparisons are scaled by heads. Since chibis are a sole form of manga and anime, this rule also applies to this style of character creation. Both manga and anime is developed by Japanese animation teams and creators. The models that I used have bald heads and no clothes. Drawing chibi is a great way to create animals and even yourself in this baby form. Another fun way to play with this type of style, is to draw manga chibi or anime chibi. I love sketching out my favorite characters from various comics and shows. I think this tutorial will help you guys learn "how to draw chibis step by step" in a better way. Peace out people, I am outta here. I will be back later with one more lesson that will blow some of you dudes out there away. Adios!

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