How to Draw Boobs

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This step just explains on how the female boob should be shaped before you draw out these breasts. "Proper shaped breast draw forward and then curve inwards".


This is the actual lesson on how to draw boobs. There is four figures that will have different shaped breasts. Draw four head shapes and then add the facial guidelines. Next draw the upper body's line of motion.


Now you will sketch out the shape and style of the hair for your models. I did not pay too much attention to make their bodies look perfect, I concentrated on what this lesson is about, boobs. Once the hair is drawn out you can then draw the shape of   


You will finish off the eyes and then sketch out the shapes of the bodies as you see here. Once that is done you can draw out the arms, and then add some detailing to the pelvic area and then move to see what your breast should come out looking like    


Here is what the female bodies look like when you are done. As you can see the first image of the female has small "A" sized breast, the seconds has "B" sized, the third is "C" sized and the last one is a "D" size. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial on   

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October 9, 2009

Description: I know your looking like the title of this tutorial, and your also looking at the picture as well. It is perfectly normal to want to learn "how to draw boobs step by step”. Drawing body figures cannot come out perfectly if you don’t know how to draw all the parts of the body correctly. When you follow this lesson, you will be taught “how to draw breasts” very simply enabling you to draw your female body figures the way they should be draw. As you know there are all types of breast sizes and shapes. Breast size ranges as low as AA to the E’s and F’s. This tutorial will be very helpful when you want to draw a female character that is very voluptuous or very flat chested. Some woman have very small breasts and some have very large breasts. Sketching or drawing boobs is something that has been painted, drawn and sketched for many, many years. Back when the world was new or back in the 1500’s. Statues like David, and other famous sculptures from the Greek time line, was a very accepted and even encouraged ability to tap into. Nude figures and or models were commonly used for art. Art comes in all different kinds of concepts including nudity. Drawing the contours of a man or woman’s body is very beautiful because the human body is a beautiful piece of art that needs to be replicated whether if it’s by painting, sketching, or plain out drawing. Learning “how to draw boobs” is just one step to learning how to draw the human body. There is all different types of the female and male body parts that should be made tutorials out of because it’s art. Anyways, try this lesson if you want, if you don’t want to try this tutorial than you don’t have to. But if you’re a real artist, you will want to tackle this submission on “how to draw boobs step by step”. I will be back tomorrow with more drawing fun everyone so come back and join me again. Peace out guys and happy drawing!

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