How to Draw Chibi Tigger


Make the two shapes you see here for the head and body. Sketch in the facial guidelines too.


Define the shape for the head and face like so. At the same time you will need to draw the coin shaped ears.


Make the bumps for the top and bottom parts of the mouth/snout like so.


Detail inside the ears, then draw the window like shape which his face will be drawn like the eyes and nose.


Color in two beady eyes and then add the eyebrows. Make the round part for the nose and then draw the definition in the side of the snout.


Next we will now tackle the task of drawing the arm, hand, chest and stomach.


Draw in Tigger's legs and feet. Notice that he is in a pose to suggest that he is ready to start bouncing.


Finish drawing chibi Tigger's body by making his thick long tail.


Now scribble in the stripes that coats Tigger's body. This includes the head, face, ears, arms, legs, back and tail. Erase whatever mistakes and flaws that you made.


It was as easy as that. You have finished this drawing on chibi Tigger. Have fun coloring the old boy in.

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February 6, 2018

Description: I will end the chibi Winnie the Pooh and Friends lesson series with "how to draw chibi Tigger", step by step. He is another favorite character of mine and I think it's because of his spunk and personality. He is very goofy, spontaneous, and full of joy and love. Drawing chibi Tigger might be a bit tricky but if you take your time you will finish this task with ease. Enjoy people and don't forget, I will make more characters from Winnie the Pooh again like chibi Kanga and Roo. Peace out and enjoy.

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