How to Draw Chibi Eeyore


Let us begin with a head and body guides like so. Since Eeyore is a donkey or an animal that is seen walking on all fours, I will have to draw his body horizontally instead of vertically.


Define the shape of chibi Eeyore's face like so, then draw in the floppy donkey ears.


Begin drawing chibi Eeyore's mane which is puffy, short and pretty thick. It flows down the back like so.


Utilize the facial guidelines to draw out the big shapes of his eyes. Then you will need to draw and color in the eyebrows.


Draw vertical line down the face and snout like so, then draw a line across the face for the separation of the face and snout.


Draw in almost all of chibi Eeyore's body like so.


Draw the other leg and then you will need to add the stitch or seam lines on all of his legs and belly.


Now we will pin the tail on the donkey. Literally that is what Eeyore has for a tail. A pinned on tail because the toy maker forgot to sew in Eeyore's tail. Add a bow at the base of his tail and then you need to draw a tuft of hair for the tip.


The line art comes out looking like the drawing you see here. The only thing left to do is color in your art.

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February 21, 2018

Description: Only two more chibi characters to go from Winnie the Pooh and friends. Here we have one of my favorite mules, Eeyore. Today I will show you how easy it will be to draw chibi Eeyore. I wanted to make Eeyore look like a child or toddler for a better word. I think I have accomplished what I set out for because this version of Eeyore is simply adorable. There are so many ways to tackle a task like you see here, but this time I chose to go the cute way. Have fun folks.

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