How to Draw Chibi Taylor Swift


I know chibi lessons are supposed to be easy, but since this Taylor Swift version has a lot of hair, and a pretty dress, I put her in the intermediate section for complexity. Start with a circle for her head, and then add the facial guidelines. You w   


You will now draw out the shape of her face, and then draw the hair line that is framing her face. Add a curl or two, and then draw two ears.


Here in this third step you will finish sketching out her long curly locks as you see here. Taylor Swift is known for her pretty hair and styles, so for the chibi version I chose a wavy style. Once her hair is sketched out you can add some inner deta   


As you know a distinctive aspect of her face is the eyes. You will begin sketching out her eyes on a slant by drawing an arch. Thicken the shape of the eye to add bold lines for her lashes.


Finish sketching out her eyes by drawing her eyeballs, and pupils. Leave a void circle in her eyes for the glare effect, and then draw thick lining under her eyes. Draw a mouth line and you can move to the next step.


Begin sketching out the top part of her dress, and then one of her arms and or hands. When this is done you can proceed on.


For your last drawing step all you have to do is draw out the rest of her dress, and then draw out her legs. Erase the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your work and prepare chibi Taylor for color.


Look how pretty she came out. Now that you just drew your own version of chibi Taylor Swift, you can now color her in and place her with the chibi Justin Bieber you drew too. Good job everybody.

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April 4, 2010

Description: As I look through the requests that are pouring in, it never seizes to amaze me on all the awesome stuff that members ask for. Someone asked if I could do a tutorial on “how to draw chibi Taylor Swift", step by step. I did do a lesson on a chibi version of Justin Bieber and that came out pretty cool. With the Taylor Swift chibi, I actually had to get a second opinion from my mother because I wasn't sure if what I drew looked like the country star, or did it just look like a drawing of an ordinary chibi girl. She said everything was fine except for the eyes. She said that when you draw a chibi version of someone famous or any other type of character, it's like drawing a caricature, you have to incorporate a distinct aspect of their look within the drawing of the face. After looking at Taylor Swift I decided that her feature was her hair and squinty eyes. I fixed the eyes and left everything else the same. The end product came out looking just like the female singer in her chibi form. Her hair, dress, face, and eyes really express who she is, and now you too can learn "how to draw chibi Taylor Swift", and add her to your chibi drawing collection. I have some more tutorials to upload on this fine, warm Easter Sunday. I know a lot of you guys are spending this holiday with your families, but I still want to make sure that all the members and visitors that are making their way back to Dragoart, have something new to look at and learn from. Peace out my dear friends, and have a happy Easter, and drawing day.

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