How to Draw Chibi Sole Survivor, Fallout 4

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Let us begin by making the guides for this character we know as Sole Survivor or Howard. Make the odd round shape for the head guide, then draw in the torso guide followed by the limbs.


Define the shape of the head leaving blank parts to the mask or helmet.


We will now draw in the face. You may need to take your time here as there are a few lines that need to be drawn in a certain manner to create the look of the T-60 power armor helmet/suit.


Create the torso in better detail followed by the seam lines across the area. When that is done you will move to step five.


We will now draw the chibi style arms for the T-60 power suit. These arms should be drawn in sections with the gears and mechanics showing.


Lastly, draw the bow shaped legs and feet, then add the remaining detailing or details for the suit. Erase the mistakes as well as the guides when you feel you have completed the task at hand.


When all is said and done the drawing looks like the one you see here. All you need now is color.

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November 4, 2015

Description: My brother is waiting diligantly for the release of Fallout 4 and he asked me if I could make a simple tut for him on the main character dressed in his armor suit. So that is what I did. Today we will be drawing Sole Survivor in his T-60 power armor suit. I didn't want this suit extremely complicated to recreate so I went ahead and just made a simple design concept. Of course we all know that the T-60 power armor suit is much more detailed and different than this chibi version. Fallout 4 is expected to be a very popular game so I expect this tut to get a lot of hits from all you fans out there awaiting the release of Fallout 4. I will be back so stick around. There are a lot more tuts coming your way.

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