How to Draw Chibi Finn and Jake

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Start by drawing two head shapes, one for Finn and one for Jake. Next, add the facial guidelines and then draw out the shape of the torso like so.


Now you can start drawing in the eyes for Jake, and then the muzzle for him as well. Next, draw an inner circle for the face frame of Finn, and then add his beady eyes, and extra happy smiling mouth.


It's time to draw Finn's suit. All you have to do is draw the bumps, and then another thicker circle for the hood. Draw the straps for his backpack, and then draw out his arms.


Add Finn's small excited tongue, and then his two spaced front teeth and then his cute cheeks. Finish the shaping of his backpack, and then draw Jake. You will make dark lines under Jake's eyes, and then draw a colored in nose. Finish drawing Jake's    


All you have to do now is draw Finn's legs, socks, and colored in sneakers. That's it, you have just learned how to draw chibi Finn and Jake.


This is how your characters look when you are done. Now it's time to color him in, and have a blast with your new chibi drawn characters.

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June 15, 2010

Description: Well, I just got done submitting chibi Ash, and now I'm going to submit another chibi lesson on two very popular characters from a show called Adventure Time. Today, for my third tutorial, I will be showing you "how to draw chibi Finn and Jake", step by step. I really, really love the way that these two characters came out because they both look so adorable. I know for a fact that this will be a very popular lesson because Adventure Time turned out to be a big hit with children and adults alike. Anyway, there really isn't nothing to this tutorial at all. There is just a few steps that you have to conquer, but I do have complete faith that you will succeed with learning "how to draw chibi Finn and Jake", step by step. I have more lessons coming your way so stay tuned in until I return. Peace out peeps, and have fun drawing one of the two best characters to date. Adios amigos!

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