How to Draw Buzz Bee, Cheerios Bee


Okay, once again we will begin with some guide shapes and guidelines. Start with the head and body shapes, then draw in the guidelines for the limbs, hands and feet.


Next, use the head guide to sketch in the structure of Buzz's face. This should include the arched eyebrows and bump for the mouth.


Up next, draw in the nose area, then proceed on by drawing out the wide open mouth and teeth.


We will now draw out the oblong shapes for the eyes, and then color in the pupils. We will also draw the antenna and then add circular tips.


We will draw the skinny neck, then draw in the shoulders, arms/sleeves and then the rest of the body. This will not only create the torso, but it will also form the sweater. Add trimming to the sleeves and cuff of the shirt.


Now draw the wrists and hands, then you can move along to step seven.


Finish the body by drawing the slightly bent knees, then draw in the legs. Once that is done we can give Buzz some shoes or feet as well as his stubby stinger.


Lastly, draw in the wings and then add detailing to them as well. You can proceed to begin the process of erasing the mistakes and guides.


That's all there is to it folks. You have yourself a drawing of Buzz the Bee. Color him in and that is all.

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April 17, 2015

Description: Hey guys, it's me again and I am back with another cereal brand character that is used as a mascot for Honey Nut Cheerios. Here is my version on how to draw Buzz Bee, step by step. I bet most folks didn't even know that the honey bee had an actual name. I knew he must have had a name because every other animal or being from certain cereal brands have. The honey bee known as Buzz the Bee flies around the cereal bowl sometimes holding a spoon, or a honeycomb stick or honey dipper. I would have to say that Buzz the Bee has more of a television commercial personality then any other cereal character. I think you will find this lesson easy to follow and understand. I shall return still with more tuts for you all.

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