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How to Draw Bling-Bling Boy, Johnny Test

Artist: Dawn / December 14, 2011
How to Draw Bling-Bling Boy, Johnny Test

Step 1.

Start this first step by drawing a head shape and then sketch in the guidelines for the face and body like so.

Step 2.

Okay, now begin sketching out the outline of his big chubby face. Draw the arched shape for the forehead, and then draw the sides of his face, as well as the chin. Before you leave this step draw in an ear.

Step 3.

This is one ugly kid so be prepared to barf. Finish drawing his hairstyle which looks like two pieces of wet toast on each side, then you will need to draw in his eyebrows, eyes, pointed type of nose, and the nasty smirk on his face. Color in some ha   

Step 4.

Now that his face and head is all done, you can start this step by drawing out his shoulders, and then move onto sketching the arms. Next, draw the chest, and shirt collar like so and then you can draw in and design the bracelet and rings.

Step 5.

There is three things you have to do here; draw the belt around his wide waist, draw in the thick chain, as well as that huge charm that has the initials BB. Sketch in some detailing on the jewelry, and then move along.

Step 6.

Almost done guys so keep your heads up. Draw out the lower half of Eugene's body and make sure the rump and stomach bulge out. Draw the folds or lumps for his legs and then add the stripe.

Step 7.

Now finally you can draw in his sneakers and be sure to draw his thick soles. Draw the stripes on the sneakers and begin cleaning up the drawing to prepare Bling-Bling for color.

Step 8.

Here is what you have to color in when you are all done. Once you added some vibrancy to Bling-Bling Boy, you can tackle another tutorial.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: December 14, 2011
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Tags: how to draw johnny test characters
Description: Looking through some categories today I found that I never made a tutorial on a character from the Johnny Test series. So because of this I will attempt to try and show you "how to draw Bling-Bling Boy", step by step. For those of you that are fans of the animated series that airs on Cartoon Network, you should know that Eugene, or Bling-Bling Boy is one of the only arch nemesis to Johnny. He likes to go by the name of Bling-Bling Boy partly because he tries everything possible to impress Johnny’s sister Susan. Describing Eugene Hamilton is easy; he is an overweight teenage boy that has a bad attitude, rotten personality, and he is extremely scared of his mom. He tends to wear an all-white suit with yellow trim, and he also sports some pretty big jewelry which includes oversized initials BB that hangs from a very thick chain or necklace. Anyways, he should be a pretty easy character to replicate which is why I will leave the complexity ranking at the novice level. I hope you have fun with drawing Bling-Bling Boy; as for me, I will be busy getting ready for the next tutorial submission. Adios umbrae!