How to Draw Ben 10 Alien Force

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Drawing Ben 10 is going to be a bit challenging because this is him in the new Alien Force series. You will initially start the lesson in the same way. Draw the shape for his head, and then add the facial guidelines. Once that is done you can draw th   


Before you start sketching out Ben's hairdo, you will first need to draw out the shaping of his face. When that is done add the outline of his ear, and then draw the entire hair style you see here. Lastly for this step you will need to draw the thick   


Look at that, you are already on step two. Here the first thing you will do is draw in Ben's face starting with his intense looking older eyes, and then draw the nose, mouth, and add some definition inside of his ear. It's now time to sketch out his    


Draw the shape of his long legs and be sure to sketch in some definition like the crease and fold lines along the edges. Add the zipper or crotch detailing, and then draw his hands with the one to the right being in his pants pocket. Add some detaili   


Yup, you guessed it. This is your last drawing step. All you need to do is finish sketching out his pants and then draw his sneakers. Erase all the guidelines and shapes that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing so you have a nice image to c   


Here he is, the new improved Ben 10 from the new Alien Force series. Color him in and you have yourself a completed drawing on one of Cartoon Networks most popular characters.

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February 8, 2010

Description: I have submitted three of the new Alien Force aliens that are becoming popular in the animated series. What is Alien Force though, and how is it different from the first? Well there really is no difference. It's Like Naruto Shippuden, Ben is older, more skilled, and much, much smarter. There are new characters being added all the time, and the show is a lot more mature then the earlier series. This tutorial is going to focus on the main character of the series which also happens to be the star. You will get a full, exciting lesson that teaches you "how to draw Ben 10 Alien Force". If you look in the top 50, Ben Tennyson is there holding the forty fifth spot and he has been for quite some time. In the new series Ben takes over as the leader, after Max disappeared in earlier episodes. Another thing that changed was the Omnitrix. It has been tweaked or recalibrated to give Ben access to a whole new set of aliens that also play the role of heroes. Not only has the all the characters changed, Ben has also gone through a extreme maturing stage and sometimes it's hard to believe that he is the same kid in the original Ben 10 series. I mean, he went from a ten year old, to a very mature and level headed fifteen year old. And I think that's pretty cool because I'm more into the series now. Anyway, I think you guys will enjoy this tutorial because you will learn "how to draw Ben 10" in his Alien Force form. I will be back later with more lessons for you all. Peace out and happy drawing!

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