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How to Draw Beavers

Artist: makangeni / April 24, 2013
How to Draw Beavers

Step 1.

Beavers have four powerful incisors which are used to cut trees and other plants that they use both for building and for food. The forepaws and the hind paws have five clawed toes. The hind paws are webbed for swimming. The tail is broad and scal   

Step 2.

Start with the guide lines of the head of the beaver. A circle for the head, short muzzle, small ear and two lines for the neck.

Step 3.

Draw the round nose with the nostril, the mouth and the chin.

Step 4.

Draw the forehead and the ear, then add the small eye.

Step 5.

Draw the cheek and the neck. The beaver coat is quite long.

Step 6.

Add details on the fur and draw the small points from which the whiskers start.

Step 7.

Add the whiskers, detail into the eye and more detail on the fur if you want and your beaver head is finished!

Step 8.

Draw the guide lines like in the image.

Step 9.

Like before, draw nose and nostril, mouth and chin.

Step 10.

Draw the forehead and the ear, then add the eye.

Step 11.

Draw the cheek and the neck.

Step 12.

Now, draw the forelegs and the small "hands" (five clawed fingers). Then, follow the guide line to draw the upper part of the body ad the back.

Step 13.

Draw the long haired belly and the folded hind leg.

Step 14.

Draw the webbed feet (five toes) and the large tail.

Step 15.

Now it's time to add details on the fur and the scales on the tail.

Step 16.

Add whiskers, detail into the eye and more detail on the fur and on the tail and you're done!

Comments (3)
angel12310 · 6 years ago
I will be posting this in artwork so just visit my page if you wanna see how I did :)
angel12310 · 6 years ago
It's weird because whenever I draw an animal it comes out good (usually) but alot of other things come out weird
angel12310 · 6 years ago
Wow amazing! I actually did this!
Artist: makangeni
Date Added: April 24, 2013
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Tags: how to draw beavers
Description: Tutorial about how to draw beavers.