How to Draw Baby Sasuke, Naruto


Begin drawing a circle for the head guide and then lightly sketch in the facial guides.


Begin drawing out the shape of Sasuke's face like so, and be sure to keep that pointed chin look. Draw in the sharp points for his bangs before leaving this step.


Using the facial guidelines begin drawing out baby Sasuke's eyes making sure that the top lining is thicker than the bottom lining. Next, draw in the eyebrows as well as the eyelid creases.


Draw the pupils, and then add two slash like dots for the nose. You will end this step by drawing baby Sasuke's mouth and some chin.


We will be finishing off baby Sasuke's head and face by sketching out the rest of his hairstyle. This is a boxy type of style, and as you can see the hair in the back is in three spikes as well as the ends of his hair is jagged.


You are almost done drawing baby Sasuke. All you need to do now is draw the neck, high stiff collar, and then draw the shoulders. Add some detailing as well.


Add the front part of his neck and then sketch in some definition to his clothing by drawing a crease line at the base of the collar and along the right side of the shoulder. Erase the mistakes and guides to prepare this baby Naruto character for col   


Here is the finished drawing when you are all done. Now you can enjoy the relaxation of coloring in your work. Great job everyone!

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March 15, 2012

Description: Remember when I said I was going to submit more anime related lessons? Well today I will start once more by uploading four tutorials that are all based on anime characters. To start, I will fill a request by providing a lesson on "how to draw baby Sasuke", step by step. I have always enjoyed drawing Naruto characters because they are very bright, and entertaining to create. Let's face it, art is always fun when we are actively drawing characters or figures that we are fans of. Even if the anime series has a lot of villains, they too are always fun to recreate. One of the first forms of figure drawing that I started with was anime and manga. Because of this, I find it fun whenever I fill a request to do people like Naruto, Sasuke, Megetsu, and even some DBZ characters are fun to draw. Anyways, baby Sasuke is one of my favorites. If you notice the background I choose symbolizes how he is almost always seen in a desert island somewhere or something to that nature. I know he doesn't look too infant in this form, but technically this is how baby Sasuke looks in the anime. So have fun with this lesson, and be sure to let me know if you enjoyed it by leaving a comment, or rating. I shall return with three more pieces in a bit so stay tuned in. Adios people and enjoy!

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