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How To Draw and Color An Anime Boy

Artist: skeletonjess / December 30, 2015
How To Draw and Color An Anime Boy

Step 1.

Alright everyone, your first step is to use the Mapping Out Basic Shapes Method. If you're traditionally drawing, make sure to draw very lightly. If you're using a computer, use a thin pencil tool and put your opacity to light. Also, use layers on a    

Step 2.

Now, around your map out you need to draw your character. Use the map out you used before to make your second map out. This will show you what to outline later. Remember, this still needs to be light, but not as light as the last map out so you can s   

Step 3.

Next step is to outline your drawing! For thicker places like eyes and eyebrows, use thicker tools. (Not too thick, don't make them pop too much.) For thinner things such as skin and hair, use thinner outlining tools. (Be careful with thin and thick    

Step 4.

(REMEMBER: YOU DON'T NEED TO DO THIS IN ORDER EXCEPT FOR THE SHADING AND LIGHTING PART. ) Now, color everything separate. If you're using a computer, use layers. If you're using traditional, try splitting everything up into different parts. The first   

Step 5.

Now to color the eyes! There's not much to do in this step. But a good way to color eyes is to use that color and slowly blend it into dark and lighter versions of it. It makes the eyes look very cool. For my eyes, I made them very bright. Remember t   

Step 6.

Next, you need to color the hair! Like I said about contrast, the pale skin goes well with the bright hair. This doesn't mean you have to have this all the time. Experiment! Try to see what you can do with colors! But contrast always works, it makes    

Step 7.

Now, you want to do the clothing! Guess what I'm going to say? You can use contrast if you want this time. This doesn't matter as much. Just try not to use too many tacky colors. Match the colors on your characters personality! Like I love plaid, a l   

Step 8.

Now you need to shade! Identify where shadows will fall on your character. Will they be on the left? On the right? On the front? You decide! Being me I typically shadow on the left. I'm not sure why but I do. Now, shadow where places stand out. For e   

Step 9.

Now to add lighting! This overlaps shadowing most of the time. Lighting can be anywhere too like shading. In this picture, I imagined as if light was shiny towards them, so any open areas in the middle of them were brightened. Now this picture might    

Step 10.

Lastly, add your background! Now there's a few things you can do with a background. You can put a contrast to it. I put a colorful background against a more pale person. The outfit and skin color are a perfect balance from the bright background. The    

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Artist: skeletonjess
Date Added: December 30, 2015
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Description: Hello! This is my first tutorial. By the way if you haven't learned anime drawing style, this tutorial probably wont be for you. But, this will show you how to make a drawing similar to mine in a few steps! (This is my first tutorial, I'm still trying to figure out how to do this.)