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  skeletonjess uploaded 1 tut 6 years ago

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  skeletonjess uploaded 1 artwork 6 years ago

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  Fear_the_Stars posted a post 6 years ago

Welcome to Dragoart

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skeletonjess · 6 years ago
Oh hello! Thank you!
Fear_the_Stars · 6 years ago
no problem.


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About Me: Well, I've been drawing for about 8 years now. I just started animating. I've been singing for 9 yea more
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Favorite Movies & TV Shows: Probably War of Worlds is my top favorite. Then there's Mysteries of the Museum, and Ponyo. Yeah, it's a weird mix, but eh I'm weird.
Favorite Music: I like every kind of music honestly. But my absolute favorites are alternative or anything from the 70's-90's. My favorite artists are: twenty one pilots (absolute favorite), Daughter, Purity Ring, Al
Favorite Books: I don't have many favorite books. I mostly just read mangas and anything to do with horoscopes. Also, I do love space books and any romantic comedy books.


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