How to Draw an Ice Bird, Angry Birds Space

How to Draw an Ice Bird, Angry Birds Space
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Make a cube shape like so. This will be for the body of the Ice Angry Bird.


Define the cube shape so that it is as it should be for your Angry Bird character.


Next, add the dimensional lines followed by the large sharp beak.


You will draw in the round shaped eyes like so, then draw out the eyebrows. Color in the pupils then you're done.


For the last step all you have to do is draw the pieces of feathers on the head as well as on the tail. Erase the mistakes before you go.


Here is how your bird looks when you are all done. Now just color it in using an icy blue shade.

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November 2, 2012

Here is another Angry Bird that is as cold as ice. This bird is called an Ice Angry Bird. For those of you that are familiar with these birds, you obviously know that they look like cubes of ice. I can't believe all the different types of Angry Birds there are. I have some other ones that I will be submitting that are also odd formations, but at least they are all simple to draw. Making your own Angry Bird drawing should be pretty simple because these characters are very primitive as far as design goes. All you are really doing is drawing the shapes of their one piece bodies, followed by their faces which only consists of eyebrows, eyes and a beak. I'm sure you will have a blast drawing Ice Angry Bird. If there is another one that you would love to see as a lesson, like always drop me a request. Adios people and enjoy your drawing day.

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