How to Draw an Easy Dinosaur

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Alright, start off with your basic foundation. This means by having a simplified skeleton of the dino, you'll have a more easier approach on drawing it! Here I layout a few noticeable shapes that will aid you into drawing the creature. By starting of   


Next, we draw the basic framing outline of the body. This must be handled first before you draw the other essential parts of the dino. Start off by drawing the head, and work your way down to the lower - rectangular body. From thereon, work on gettin   


Then, here comes the easy and fun part! You'll have to draw two little dibs for eyes and a large gaping mouth! I love the mouth, it gives the total cuteness a boost! This dinosaur is some type of mix of a T-Rex and Brontosaurus. Swiftly draw mounds o   


Next, work on other features to your dinosaur! By eliminating a blob of nothing, you'll approach a more cute creature! Draw the underbelly scales and feet. Most importantly, to make things super cute and harmless, add a few teeth. Don't fill in the m   


Lastly, here you can open your mind to ways to customize your cute dinosaur! You can add an ongoing spine for your dino (like that of a Spinosaurus), or add separating spikes to the back! Maybe a few scales would make him look much cuter and definite   


Ah, here we have the finished and polished product of the drawing! You can go ahead and erase all the useless lines like the guidelines and starting inking out your drawing! This would be a great lesson for creating a dinosaur for your projects! I ho   

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October 11, 2010

Description: Hey folks, Dawn here with another fun and cute swallowing lesson for you folks to learn from! I drew this live after drawing a really complex raptor dinosaur. Realizing that that raptor was too complex to be entitled as “how to draw an easy dinosaur, step by step”, I came out with this nifty little dino who is dying to have a bite of meat. Before, I had a small bit of text besides it mouth wording “Rawr!”. It would have been pretty cute, but I want others to guess what the dino is really doing. That is the way to create affective art. The coloring was the most fun part for me to contribute. The green, darker green-blue, and yellow hues really add up a spiffy little guy! If you'd like to watch the live show of the previous lesson, please go here. Click the tab where it says 'Videos' and a few video thumbnails will popup. The one you want to watch is the 'Sketching, Coloring, and Inking: Easy Dinosaur'. If you've dropped by to watch that, let me know! Anyways, I had a lot of fun; probably one of my longest streams I've had in a while. Included in that lesson was a cute little shark that had a sinister expression on his face. When you want to simplify a dinosaur to a more draw-able approach, pinpoint the main features of the dinoaur you want to draw. For instance, a brontosaurus is defined by it's long neck, elephant like body, and long tail. That would be your key point to simplify. Use basic shapes to create the overall dinosaur as well. A circle would be more appropriate for the body and cylinders would be well suitable for the limbs. Anyways, I hope you'll enjoy this lesson! Thanks for viewing folks!

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