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How to Draw an Anime School Girl

Artist: allyson / July 23, 2009
How to Draw an Anime School Girl

Step 1.

First you make a circle for the head and a line down from the circle for the neck. Next you make a quadrangle for the body or a stretched out trapezoid with a line threw it. Next you draw a line down from it and then another quadrangle and 2 circles    

Step 2.

Next you would finish the neck and make the top of a triangle for the bottom of the head. Now start the breasts kind of half way down. Then you would make the curves and start another line for the leg.

Step 3.

Now you would erase all the extra line's in the body and start the hair. Now make 2 half oval's for the eye's and a triangle for the mouth. Next you would make a triangle for the shirt and at the bottom of the shirt make a line and a half triangle. Y   

Step 4.

Next you would finish the hair and put 2 bubbles and curved lines on the eye's. For the shirt you would make 3 lines threw the first triangle at the top, then 2 rectangles and a tie. Plus 2 lines threw the rectangles. Lastly you would start the skirt   

Step 5.

Lastly you would finish the skirt, clean it up a bit, then color (if you wish) it in. Now your done!!!

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Artist: allyson
Date Added: July 23, 2009
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Description: This anime is not the highest quality but it is my best for right now. But I hope you enjoy it!!! :)