How to Draw America

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Start by drawing a circle shape for his head and then add the facial guidelines. You will then draw the shape of torso, and hips. Lastly, add the limb guidelines for his legs.


Okay. America is a simple looking character. What you will first do here is sketch out his nice boy hair style which should also look very groomed. Next, draw the shape of his face, ears, and then begin drawing the shirt collar, and shoulders.


COntinue to pick up where you left off on step two. Sketch the remaining concept of his leather jackt, and be sure to add the creasing and fold detailing to make the jacket look loose fitting. His hands are inside of his pockets, so the sleeves or ar   


Now it's time to sketch out his face. DRaw his eyes, eyeglasses, eyebrows, nose, and mouth as you see here. Next finish sketching out his undersirt and tie, and then draw the emblem on his jacket in the right corner.


ALl you need to do in this step is c=begin drawing the hips, which is easy done just by drawing the length of his sweater. Add the detailing design lines on the shirt and then proceed top the next step.


This is it, your last drawing step. All you have to do to finish drawing America is sketch out his legs and or pants and then his feet or shoes. Be sure to add the crease line in his pants and then you can start erasing the guidelines and shapes that   


Here is what you should end up with. Color in America and you are done. I hope you guys enjoyed this tutorial that taught you how to draw one of the main characters of Hetalia. Great work, and be sure to join me for another fun filled lesson.

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February 18, 2010

Description: I've been getting into a lot of new shows these days. Some of the shows I found out about are pretty cool. There's this one anime that I've been watching and decided to do a character from the show Hetalia Axis Powers. A friend has told me about this show on Deviantart so I didn't hesitate to check it out. Also, I've been seeing plenty of fan art of the characters from the show. I think I'll be doing more characters in the future. Anyways, you'll be learning how to draw Alfred Jones from Hetalia Axis Powers. I get a little confused with the characters from the show. Alfred has another name which is 'America'. He represents the country 'America'. His personality traits have some similarities with the United States. He likes to eat fast food, stick his nose in others affairs, and play video games. Alfred shares a lot in common with his two true friends, Japan and United Kingdom. With the other countries, he's often hated. America was adopted by United Kingdom A.K.A Arthur Kirkland. When Alfred grew older, he broke away from Arthur and declared his independence. The breakup between the two still remain but overtime, lessened. Anyways, I spent a long time on sketching up this character and coloring it in Paint Tool Sai. I recommend trying out the program. Sadly, Sai is only a trial version. I truly recommend watching Hetalia Axis Powers, I'm addicted to the story and characters. Thanks so much for viewing this tutorial and I hope you'll have fun learning how to draw america, step by step. Don't forget to rate and comment the tutorial, peace out.

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