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How to Draw Alex Mercer, Prototype, Alex Mercer

Artist: Dawn / June 27, 2011
How to Draw Alex Mercer, Prototype, Alex Mercer

Step 1.

begin with some guides and shapes to create a nice framed figure for your Prototype character. Start with a small circle for the head, and then draw out the shape of the upper body including the hip area. The entire shape looks like the tip of a penc   

Step 2.

Here you will sketch out the shape of Alex's face, and then draw in the lining for the lid of his hoodie. Color in a dark area along the right.

Step 3.

Here you will actually be drawing in his face. Instead of eyes, shade in a dark patch for the shadow from the hood of the sweater. Sketch in the nose, and mouth, and then little detailing that will define his face.

Step 4.

Sketch out the hood of his sweater, and then begin sketching out the leather jacket that he is wearing. Begin with the flipped up collar, and then draw in the zipper and sweater on the inside of the coat. Add the lining for the jacket, and move to st   

Step 5.

Continue to sketch out the sweater inside of the jacket, and then draw the shirt line for the t-shirt collar. When that is done, you can keep on moving along.

Step 6.

Continue to work on getting the jacket sketched out. The left shoulder sleeve has torn edges. This is because he doesn't have a jacket sleeve on this monstrous arm. Draw in the torn material hairs, and then sketch out two pockets, some folds and wrin   

Step 7.

Take your time as you tackle this step because you will be drawing a very detailed deformation that takes the shape of a giant sword. The top part of the arm has these fiery designs going in an upward pose. Continue to sketch out the arm, and move to   

Step 8.

Sketch out the rest of the arm in the form of a sword, and then be sure that you add detailing and definition throughout the entire arm. Once that is done and you've done a nice neat job, you can draw in the right hand.

Step 9.

You are now ready to start sketching out the bottom half of the body. Sketch in the elastic end of the sweater, and then draw in the ends to the button-up shirt that he is wearing. Sketch out the thighs, and then draw some wrinkles and folds to the j   

Step 10.

Keep sketching out the pants until you have the entire two legs drawn out. As you can see Alex is wearing straight leg pants, probably LEVI'S...just kidding. Be sure to draw in the seam of the pants and then move to step eleven.

Step 11.

For the last drawing step sketch out the boots, and be sure to add in those soles. You will then add some detailing, and then begin erasing the lines and shapes that you drew in step one.

Step 12.

Here is what Alex Mercer looks like when you are all done. Now you can get busy coloring him in to true completion. Thanks for joining me with this tutorial on drawing Prototype.

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Artist: Dawn
Date Added: June 27, 2011
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Tags: how to draw prototype, how to draw prototype characters
Description: I have received more than a few tutorial requests for a character from a new video game called ‘Prototype’. I don’t know much about the game, or the characters in it. All I know is that the main protagonist looks a whole lot like Altair from Assassins Creed. Today, I’m going to show you "how to draw Alex Mercer", step by step. He is a very interesting looking character at first glance. His style is very formal and if you look close enough, Alex also looks like Bruce Willis from the movie ‘Unbreakable’. From what I’ve read about this character, he is what you call a borderline sociopath. He has no friends, no real family except his sister, and no real form of childhood. He escaped his depressing and black existence when he was hired by a company called ‘Gentek’. I do realize that the more I talk about his life and some of the storyline, the more I’m spoiling the game for you, or anyone else that is planning on buying Prototype in the near future. Instead of saying any more, I will shut up and just teach you "how to draw Alex Mercer" using this online drawing lesson. I do hope you enjoy this tutorial, hopefully you learn something new at the end of your hard work. I have to go because there is still another tutorial that needs to be submitted and that is on the second dragon. Adios mi amigos and have fun!